Super Mario Bros Free Games

Super Mario Bros.:

Yes you read that right! Super Mario Bros. is in fact available for your BlackBerry Pearl. Thanks to an enterprising developer that seems to be based out of Germany, the classic NES character that we all know and love finally finds a home on the BlackBerry.

Run/Jump/Shoot games are a perfect fit for this device as they do not require the memorization of a bunch of keys in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the game. Your left and right movements are mapped to the 4 and 6 keys while the 1 and 3 keys, when pressed will cause Mario to jump in the corresponding direction.

There is not much documentation out there for this game (you can not even locate it vía search on the website), so I am not sure how many levels you get to play through. I can say this for a fact though. . . None of that matters folks — this is Mario and it is on your BlackBerry Pearl. Score one for nostalgia.

Download Super Mario Bros. for your Pearl today for free and make all your friends jealous. ( | quick code 8100)

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  1. maria says:

    por favor, creen un tema gratuito de mario bros para BB 9550…. si tienen algo uistedes (lo he buscado mucho) podrian ayudarme?? ahi esta mi correo

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