Golden Tee Golf: Mobile Edge juegos de golf para blackberry

Golden Tee Golf: Mobile Edge

If you have spent any time in a pub/sports bar in the last few years you have no doubt run across a Golden Tee machine with a group of friends placing bets on who can make that killer shot or the longest putt ever. There is a reason for this games popularity. Golden Tee is comprehensive in it’s offerings and allows you to experience what it would be like to play on some of the best golf courses around the world. This is entirely fulfilling to both pros and novices alike.

The Mobile Edge edition of the Golden Tee series for your BlacBerry Pearl is a natural evolution of the game and ultimately fits well on the Pearl despite the small amount of screen real estate available.

With 6 playing modes you will never be left without a challenge and customization is really king here. You can control what your player looks like and what type of game you play. The controls are intuitive and allow for everything you can do in the arcade versions, including: club selection, curve/trajectory, back spin and rolls, strength of swing etc.

Download Golden Tee Golf: Mobile Edge for your BlackBerry Pearl today and tee up for hours of fun on your favorite courses.

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