Premium ‘Red Berry’ Theme for the BlackBerry Bold

Ben over at Sferical theme designs sent us his newest theme series for BlackBerry 9000 devices called, Red Berry. Red Berry comes in two versions; ‘Carbon Today Plus’ and ‘Executive Extra’. Both of these themes run very smoothly. Carbon Today Plus has a side bar of 4 (non-customizable) icons. As you scroll over the ‘messages’ and ‘calendar’ however, in the center box, the corresponding listing/entries from those icons show up. Time and Date information is listed at the bottom but there’s also a hidden bottom dock bar of 5 user-customizable icons that slides up as you scroll your trackball down. It all works out very nicely and clearly Ben thought a lot about how to make this theme perform at full functionality. The second versión, Executive Extra has less ‘bells and whistles’ as it is a bit more simplistic in format and style (which personally I like). It features a rich, black leather background image and hidden bottom dock bar of 5 neon red, user-customizable icons that slides up as you move your trackball down. A nice rich, sexy theme that goes perfectly with the Bold. Both themes cost $5.99 but the first 50 Berryreview readers who purchase this theme (vía the links below) can get a 20% discount by entering the coupon code BRWREDEXTRA at your time of purchase. Thanks Ben!



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