Premium ‘Pro Gloss’ Theme for the 8100, 8300, 8700, 8800 & 9000

Last week Zach the ‘Z’ Man sent me in his latest theme called ‘Pro Gloss‘. I was lucky enough to test this theme for the Bold and the name really suits the theme. First of all, it does have a very professional and clean set-up overall. And secondly, something about it’s sharp photographic images that brings a real ‘glossy’ feel. The top part of the main screen features both ‘messages’ and ‘calendar’ icons for quick and instant access. (Note: On the 8700, the “Calendar” icon was removed and the “Messages” icon was bumped up to make room for an “Applications” icon). As you scroll down, a pop-up box of further, user customizable icons come up for more easy access. Note that on the Bold versión, there are (6) icons in this pop-up box, but on the other versions I noticed there were (4) – which is obviously due to Zach accomodating different device screen sizes. Either way, this is a very well-designed them…ideal for those who like themes that are simplistic in style, but not in functionality. I put a sampling of screen shots for the 8100 & 8300 below but for more, you can check out Zach’s theme site link (above) or the purchase link at our store. Pro Gloss costs $6.00 and is available for 81xx, 83xx, 87xx, 88xx (OS 4.5) & 9xxx



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