Premium ‘iLEO’ theme for the 8100, 8300, 8700, 8800 & 9000

Zotiiz sent us in a theme he recently designed called, ‘iLEO iPhone-Leopard-like, for 81xx, 83xx, 87xx, 88xx & 9xxx devices. I’m running it on my Bold as I write this and I really like it. The blue ‘bubbly’ and ‘wavy’ background image is sharp and clean with icons that are sort of ‘iPhonish’ but with a much more lucid feel. All icons are customizable as well as fonts in your message list, etc. This theme boasts another one of my favorite features, it’s wallpaper friendly, so you can use any background you want and it will work perfectly. This is one theme that I’ll probably keep on my Berry for awhile. ILEO theme is available for $6.99 right at our BerryReview Store. See links below the screen shots, which by the way, were taken on my BB with snapscreen so they may not look as sharp as the actual theme itself. Nice work Zotiiz!


iLEO for the 8100

iLEO for the 8300/8800

iLEO for the 8700

iLEO for the 9000

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